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Blue Borage Mead 2017

Blue Borage Mead 2017 Limited Reserve Aged in Oak 5 Years 

A dessert style mead of delicious mellow sweetness.  Accompanied well with dark chocolate, almonds, dried figs, blue vein cheese, Havarti, brie or camembert with peppered crackers and quince paste.

The honey for this mead was harvested from the Clarence Valley on the 20th March 2017.  The season started with an abundance of green growth in the valley with large swathes of Blue Borage plants coming up in all the disturbed ground and slips following the Kaikoura Earthquake of November 2016.  The hives filled steadily with the honey being of excellent mono-floral quality at 90.5% by pollen analysis.

Mead production and fermentation began on the 28th March 2017.  This ensured that the honey essences of the season would be captured immediately.  No additional heat is required when the honey has been freshly extracted like this – this ensures minimal handling of the pure, original and genuine high-country honey.  A period of prolonged ageing in our French oak casks for 5 years has given this mead a tawny hue, with characteristics that rival even the highest quality vintage wine.


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