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Alpenblend Mead 2017 - Certified Organic

Alpenblend Mead 2017

The honey for this mead was harvested from the Clarence Valley on the 20th March 2017.  This was the season following on from the Kaikoura Earthquake of November 2016.  This secondary take of honey contained 20% Manuka in with the Blue Borage what we term Alpenblend.

Alpenblend is a reference to ‘alpenglow’ the morning and evening light on the high mountains.  Since this contained honey from both sides of the Seaward Kaikoura Mountain Ranges and blended by the bees, we decided on a special blended mead.

Mead production and fermentation began on the 29th March 2017.  The mead ‘must’, or mixture was a distinctive golden yellow perfectly matching the theme of alpenglow.  We were able to begin the process straight after extraction to maintain the true essences from the season.  Aging continued for 21 months in out French oak casks to add character and depth.

Creamy orange liqueur, madeira cake, nashi pear, citrusy, smooth, creamy manuka melts, subtle beeswax, gentle soft sweetness; superbly blended Manuka/Borage essences with a hint of vanilla.  Delicate but lightly refreshing.

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